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Why was this software developed?

We have to pay $300 for the device, we have to pay $70+ for games, and now we have to pay for codes? are you kidding me? I am not a selfish guy, game playing organizations are ridiculously wealthy and we just want to play! So after discussing with my buddy, I made the decision to create this website and create the bot community so everyone can appreciate it, just click on the obtain key and you can begin experiencing your PSN Code Generator right Now!

How does the PSN Code Generator Work?

           PSN CardPSN Card Generator

I know you all have this question in mind , but i can tell you that it works for sure. How this works ? The answer is like this : We started by buying like 100 PSN cards of different values and carefully observed the pattern between the codes for weeks.

So after a month we were able to decode the algorithm used in these PSN Card Codes and we decided to implement this algorithm in a generator and the result is in front of you. We successfully made this PSN Code Generator with no bugs at all.

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Minimum System Requirements:-

OS : Windows XP,7,8 (Or) Mac OS
Ram : 512Mb or more
Processor : Intel Pentium or more
Hard drive space : 2Mb or more
Extras :
1. Net Framework 2.0 or more (Download Here:-
2. A software to extract the file (namely Winrar, Freearc etc)


Free Psn Cards

2.Extract the file using Winrar or Freearc.
3.Run the psncodegenerator.exe
4.Select the amount required.
5.Click Generate.
6.You will now have a working code.

FAQ’s :-

1.Are there any threats with using the  PSN Code Generator 2013?

PSN Code Generator has been downloaded and set up, and securely used by many individuals looking for methods to acquire free PSN codes cards. But do not take our word for it. We suggest you be dubious of any exe or installable information you acquire off of the world wide web. Make sure to secure your pc with a hurdle of strong anti-virus and viruses security readers.

2.Do i meet the requirements to run the file?

The minimum requirements needed to run the file are mentioned above. Make sure you have Net Framework installed. And also a software to extract the file.

3.Do i need to run an antivirus scan on the file?

Not required. We have double checked the file with two highly trusted anti-virus programs. So you wont have any problems running the file.

Anymore Questions?

If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us. We are here to help you. Just leave a comment below and we will answer them.

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Note :- Do not share the PSN Codes that you generate with anyone. Every code that is generated is unique. By sharing it, it will only reduce the chances of you getting a working code.     

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